liQuerc Liquid Oak Concentrate

A natural wood concentrate for improved wine, beer, and spirit making outcomes.

The liQuerc product provides the same mouth feel, structure, flavour enhancement, with increased stability and longevity (through its strong anti-oxidative properties). It also has significant production benefits because of its liquid form and thus rapid integration.

Benefits of liQuerc


    • Reduced structuring and maturation turnaround time
    • Enhanced anti-oxidation effects
    • No need to filter out chips or wood powder from tanks
    • No volume loss in the tank and no top-up as typical with barrels
    • Improved ease of stock volume administration.


  • No absorption or adsorption loss of colour or flavour as the wood is in solution and there is no sticking to the wood particulates
  • Authentic wood associated mouthfeel, structure and mid-palate richness
  • Repeatable quality product year after year – no wood or cooperage variations


    • Extremely cost competitive when compared to staves or other new wood treatments
    • Shortened production times and thus tie up of working capital
    • Extended shelf life through wine stability and oxidation protection

The liQuerc Process


A unique process for extracting the essence of barrel quality oak wood and capturing this in a liquid form for administering to wine, beer and all alcoholic beverages. 


A well established, closely guarded process starting from the selection of premium quality French and American oak, naturally maturing the wood, then expertly treating it to release all the correct congeners.


The process is repeatable and each batch is analysed and quality controlled to ensure consistent quality of product, batch after batch and year after year.

Our Products

liQuerc makes two main products – MONO and POLY and a newly released Bourbon product. The MONO and POLY names refer to the molecular structure of the molecules formed by their respective uses in the beverage industry.

The wood extracts are completely ‘solubilised’ during extraction with various alcohols. This also renders them soluble in water thus making it possible to add directly to wine, beer and cider with no precipitation. (Precipitation would render the addition ineffective.)
The liQuerc extracts are also extremely stable with a long shelf life.
The liQuerc products have a range of applications – effective anti-oxidation protection throughout the production process, aiding colloidal formation and initial structuring,  processing and maturing aid, finishing and polishing aid pre-bottling.
The essence of the liQuerc philosophy and products is to correct imperfections and thus allowing the natural flavours  of the beverage to develop and come to the fore.

The Founder

Dr Woolf Katz is the visionary scientist behind liQuerc’s range of products and applications. A doctorate in microbiology and a medical scientist, he perfected the art of extraction and concentrating during his tenure as the lead scientist at the Biovac institute. Dr Katz has spent the past 25 years working on the formulations presented as liQuerc Mono and Poly with a range of application.

Having originally approached the problem from a sustainability angle (not enough trees to supply the wood needed by the wine and spirits industry) he quickly realized the further production and quality benefits achievable by use of his ‘liquid wood methodology’.

Dr Katz having started his experimentation in the early 1990’s first supplied then up and coming wine maker, Neil Ellis in 1995.

We thankfully acknowledge and pay tribute to Neil Ellis and subsequently his son Warren who has been part of this story for over 20 years, and have remained loyal to the use of this product to the point of adapting their wine making style around the use of our products

Other respectable SA winemakers whom Dr Katz have worked with over the years include Ken Forrester, Martin Meinert, Guy Webber, and many more.

Working with such great wine makers have allowed Dr Katz to continue learning, developing, and refining these formulation to where we are today – the culmination of 25 years of work.